"Szeressük hazánkat, nemzetünket és szakunkat hűséggel,
egyetértéssel és összetartással."
Bedő Albert 1911

Országos Erdészeti Egyesület


The tree of the year movement

Every year since 1996, OEE choses the tree species of the year. The goal of the Tree of the Year movement is to raise awareness and spread specific detailed knowledge about the given native tree species for both forestry professionals and the general public. We publish a series of articles about the tree of the given year in the Forestry Bulletin, compiled and published as a small monograph with illustrations at the end of the year. The small monograph is published with the support of the Forest Management Group of OEE. For further information, please visit www.azevfaja.hu.

Forest bike trail of the year

OEE announced a tender in which we are looking for Hungary's most popular forest cycle path, linked to the Cycle Path of the Year competition.

YPEF - Young People in European Forests

The aim of the YPEF competition is for the participating high school students to get to know the forests of Europe and individual countries, their role in nature and environmental protection, and related forestry activities. They should develop an objective picture of the preservation of natural resources and the need for their sustainable management both in their own environment and on a European scale. (Further information: www.ypef.eu ) Our association is responsible for organizing the Hungarian rounds of the competition.