"Szeressük hazánkat, nemzetünket és szakunkat hűséggel,
egyetértéssel és összetartással."
Bedő Albert 1911

Országos Erdészeti Egyesület

Forestry Bulletin and Expertise Booklets

Founded in 1862 by Károly Wagner and Adolf Divald, Forestry Bulletin (Erdészeti Lapok) is Hungary's second oldest special journal, currently published in 4000 copies monthly.

This journal is the OEE’s most important contact and professional forum. The contents of all issues (more than 160 yearly volumes) are digitally available, and can be searched at https://erdeszetilapok.oszk.hu

The Expertise Booklets are the Association's new series of professional booklets, which discuss one current and important topic, using updated related knowledge (https://www.oee.hu/oee-szaktudas-fuzetek).

OEE regularly publishes a number of other professional publications including books.