"Szeressük hazánkat, nemzetünket és szakunkat hűséggel,
egyetértéssel és összetartással."
Bedő Albert 1911

Országos Erdészeti Egyesület

Regular professional events

An outstanding annual event of the association is the “Wandering assembly” (Vándorgyűlés), co-organized and hosted by different forestry companies or organizations at different locations. The professional presentations familiarize the participants with the natural and cultural-historical values of the given region and the local objectives and current tasks of forest management. This event provides an opportunity for the current challenges of the sector to be discussed, and for the leaders of the sector to outline possible directions for further development.


The “Forester of the Year Competition is organized in connection with the Wandering Assembly, where forestry technicians compete in their theoretical and practical professional knowledge and skills.

OEE organizes annually the “Meeting of Forester Ladies” in appreciation of their significant contribution to Hungarian Forestry. On these events – on top of professional programmes -, the participants have the opportunity to relax and have personal conversations as well.

The “Week of Forests” is held every October, when colourful programmes at various locations in the country are offered for people interested in the forest, forestry and nature coordinated by the OEE.

Our latest initiative is the “Thematic Professional Day”, organized in cooperation with the University of Sopron. The main mission of these events is to discuss current “hot topics” with the help of external experts and forestry specialists.